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As one of the nation’s leading sport psychology consultants and peak performance coaches, Dr. Greg Dale provides a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies for anyone interested in enhancing their performance or their environment. Whether you are an athlete or performer seeking to maximize your potential, a coach or business leader looking for ways to enhance team cohesion and leadership on your team or a school administrator attempting to develop more credible teachers/coaches and help parents keep sport in perspective, Greg can help.

Real expertise. Real results.

  • Host an inspiring and educational athletics workshop for your coaches, your team…even the team parents!
  • Invite Dr. Greg Dale to show your company how to employ the winning techniques of sport psychology to help your organization perform at a high level and as a cohesive team.
  • Inspire your school, business, or association with a motivational speech by Dr. Greg Dale, drawing from his experience with winning college, professional and Olympic athletes.
  • Provide leaders within your organization or teachers in your school an opportunity to engage with Dr. Dale on the most effective strategies for leading and teaching.
  • Engage your newspaper, magazine, TV, Podcast or radio audience with Dr. Greg Dale’s expertise in leadership and the psychology of success.


Focus on success.

Let go of mistakes.

Make the most of practice. 

Handle criticism.

Thrive under pressure.

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Encourage fun

Motivate success

Work with coaches

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Maximize potential

Establish a winning culture

Inspire respect

Pursue excellence

Work with parents

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Athletic Administrators

Identify great leaders

Coach your coaches

Establish a positive atmosphere

Balance challenge & confidence

Build a great program

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Business and educational Leaders

Inspire teamwork

Establish a positive culture

Motivate staff to succeed

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