Goal Setting For Success: A Coach's Guide

Knowing where you want to take yourself as a coach, where you want to take your program/team, and knowing what you are hoping to guide your athletes towards all involve the artful science of goal setting. In this four-part video, Greg Dale offers coaches a complete guide to assist in developing and implementing a systematic goal setting plan. In Part 1, You the Coach, Dale encourages coaches to look upon their career and reflect upon the legacy that they want to leave. Dale emphasizes the importance of a coach's personal and program goals and outlines strategies for implementing the goal setting process. Part 2, Your Team, Dale explores the concepts of systematic goal setting and offers a four-phase approach to help a coach facilitate team goal setting sessions. Part 3, Types of Goals, explores the SMART concept for positive goal setting. Part 4, Goal Setting for Individuals, Dale offers a process for helping a coach guide an athlete towards positive and productive realistic goal setting. Let Greg Dale help you help yourself, and your team, get on the same page to move in a positive direction!

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