• Do you need to re-evaluate your organization's vision, mission, values and priorities?
  • Do the members of your leadership team need to improve their leadership skills?
  • Does your leadership team function as a highly effective team?
  • Is the culture within your organization or school a healthy culture that fosters respect, commitment and accountability?
  • Do all of your employees or members of your teaching staff consistently perform to their potential?

Executive Coaching and On-Going Consulting

Dr. Dale applies his expertise, which has benefited some of the world’s most successful athletic coaches, to business, leadership and teaching. In addition to providing workshops and motivational speeches, he is available for individual coaching and on-going consulting in the areas of leadership, organizational and team/classroom culture and performance.


The Credibility Factor: A Key That Separates Great Leaders from the Rest

This workshop is based on Dr. Dale’s book on leadership credibility titled, The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches: How to Unlock and Unleash Your Team’s Full Potential. Utilizing his experiences consulting with some of the world’s most successful athletic coaches, teachers and business leaders, Greg focuses on the important role that credibility plays in how people in leadership positions earn trust and respect. Through interactive group discussions and activities, teachers and other leaders are affirmed and challenged regarding their leadership style and philosophy. Particular emphasis is placed on effective communication and motivation tactics that help leaders master the art of effective leadership.


Creating a Championship Mindset in the Workplace

This workshop is based on Dr. Dale’s book, It’s a Mental Thing: Five Keys to Enhancing Performance and Enjoying Sport as well as his experiences as a former athlete, coach and current role as a performance consultant to athletes, dancers, musicians, physicians, business executives and others who must perform well in pressure situations. Participants will be challenged to critically examine their approach to excellence. Topics include but are not limited to “walking the talk” when it comes to commitment, strategies for developing self-confidence and embracing pressure, keys to overcoming adversity, and work-life balance.


Building High Performing Teams in the Workplace

This interactive workshop is based on Dr. Dale’s experiences as a former athlete, coach and current role as a performance consultant with athletic teams at the professional and college levels as well as non-profit, educational and corporate teams around the world. Participants in this workshop will be encouraged to examine the current culture of their particular team and the role they play on that team. Utilizing interactive discussions and team building activities, teammates will learn how to more effectively communicate with each other, trust each other and respect different personalities and strengths team members contribute to the success of the team.