• Do you have a healthy perspective on your child's sport experience?
  • How do you navigate the challenges of the competitive sport landscape and maintain a realistic perspective on your child's potential to compete in college?
  • What can you do to ensure your child has a healthy sport experience?
  • What are the lessons you want your child to learn from their sport experience?
  • What should you say to your child before, during and after competition?


The Fulfilling Ride: A Parent's Guide to Helping Athletes Have a Successful Sport Experience (Revised Edition)

Parents play such an influential role in the experiences children have in sport. Whether you are the parent of a six-year-old who is just beginning to participate in organized sport or an eighteen-year-old varsity athlete, you will find this book insightful and helpful. The Fulfilling Ride encourages you to examine your current role as a sport parent and provides you with practical strategies you can use to maximize your effectiveness in this very important role.

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Promoting A Positive Athletic Experience: The Parent's Guide

Greg Dale's message to parents of athletes is to work proactively, in a positive manner, to facilitate your athlete's ability to thrive in the athletic experience. In this excellent DVD, Dale looks at the influence a parent can have on an athlete's experience in sports. He first looks at why kids choose to participate in athletics, why kids quit, how parents can impact the level of fun in the experience, and how certain behaviors can detract from a positive experience. Dale then discusses the importance of appropriate parent-parent, parent-coach, and parent-athlete relationships and how they can contribute to a positive experience for the athlete. For each of these relationships, Dale offers tips and guidelines that will have a positive impact on your child's athletic experience. This highly informative DVD is a must-see for all parents, and also for all coaches—at any level—in any sport!

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The Sport Parent: Helping Your Child Maximize His or Her Potential

Parents play a crucial role in determining whether or not children have a positive experience in sport. This thought provoking workshop encourages parents to analyze the type of environment they are creating for their children. Topics covered in this workshop include; the significance of the coach-athlete-parent triangle, lessons parents want children to learn from sport and the importance of modeling those lessons, and effective goal-setting that parents can use with their children.