“Wow! Best opening day presenter I have ever heard! He challenged our thinking while reinforcing what is right in education!”
— Elizabethtown Area School District secondary teacher

"It was an honor to have Greg Dale work with our UCI Women’s Volleyball team. Leadership is a critical part of every successful team and Greg is one of the best in this field. Greg helped our girls understand how important it is to work hard, trust each other and the coaching staff and hold each other accountable. He connected extremely well with the team and had lots of stories and examples from teams and people he had worked with in the past plus fun exercises that kept the team engaged and lots of interesting ideas for our team to carry over into our spring training. I wish that Greg was in Irvine and not in North Carolina."

Paula Weishoff, Head Women's Volleyball Coach, University of California Irvine

I have met a lot of people who offer “sport psych” advice and consultations and Greg’s approach and ability to connect with the reality of the challenges we face is top class.
— Scott Juniper, Head Women's Soccer Coach, University of California, Irvine

Dr. Dale recently led a senior leadership staff retreat at my airport that received overwhelmingly positive accolades from all participants. We left the session with Greg with actionable, clearly enumerated steps that will assist us in improving and strengthening our business and our team. Our staff was unanimous in its agreement that it was time well spent. 

Candace McGraw, CEO, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

“This presentation impacted my perception of how an effective team functions and also my interaction with my students and staff members to form effective relationships.”
— Elizabethtown Area School District administrator

Greg Dale speaking at our annual coaches in-service was so motivating and made our coaches realize how important they are to our athletes.  The coaches were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Greg.  The presentation allowed our coaches to reflect and think about their coaching styles and the legacy they want to leave behind. I especially liked the interaction and dialogue Greg had with our coaches. They felt valued and the discussions were very impactful. The feedback I received made me feel as if the day was exactly what we had hoped for. Greg Dale’s presentation was a grand slam.

Gil Garza, Director of Athletics, Department of Athletics, Dallas Independent School District

Excellence in Performance provided a leadership workshop for IBM leadership development program.
Greg Dale has inspired hundreds of Wisconsin track coaches in his two appearances at our annual clinic. His message on the importance of character and credibility in coaching has provided a template for our most successful coaches and their programs!

— Keith Klestinski, Executive Director Wisconsin Track Coaches Association

Dr. Greg Dale gave a presentation to our Upper Darby coaches in the spring. We have been holding our annual ""Coaches Summit"" for about 5 years, and this is the first year we've hadnothing but compliments about it. Every coach I have spoken with had nothing but positivethings to say about his presentation. We look forward to working with Dr. Dale in the future.

Richard Smith, Director of Athletics Upper Darby School District, PA

As a teacher/coach at Remsen Union High School in Remsen, Iowa, I attended the Iowa Volleyball Coaches Clinic. Greg Dale spoke at that clinic and he inspired me. Out of all of the speakers (and they were all good), his talks meant the most to me. He touched touched my life.....as I am sure he has touched thousands of other lives. He definitely has fulfilled his calling in life. He is talented, but most of all, he loves what he does and it shows.
— Heather Youde, Head Varsity Volleyball and Softball Coach Remsen Union High School, Remsen, IA

I have been fortunate to have heard Dr. Greg Dale present on three occasions and his work on ""Developing a Credible Coach"" is truly inspiring. I would recommend his presentation to athletic administrators, principals and of course coaches as a way to truly develop fundamental concepts and standards that can be applied to all aspects of management of youngsters in their educational pursuit.

Marty Ryan, Executive Director Maine Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Greg Dale’s seminar for our coaches was excellent. His knowledge of how the real world works with regard to recruiting and leadership allows him to easily connect to a new group of coaches. The positive energy he brought to our campus was very refreshing. It presented an opportunity for our coaches to re-examine their methods of teaching and mentoring. I especially liked how his real-life examples and quotes presented ways to proactively improve relationships between coaches and student-athletes. We have asked Greg back for a follow-up session. I would recommend him to anyone.
— Mark Sandy, Director of Athletics Eastern Kentucky University

Greg Dale has a tremendous message that will touch all parents, coaches, and student athletes. He is an exceptional speaker who understands the dynamics of coaching, competing and the support role that parents play in this process. Greg has been to my school on multiple occasions and I give a great deal of credit to him for enhancing the work of our coaching staff and the development of a cooperative environment amongst our parental groups at all levels. There is not a better book on the market than, 'The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaching' for providing insight into the proper way to lead and coach young athletes.

Steve Franks, Director of Athletics The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Greg Dale made a visit to the Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (UIAAA) annual conference in April 2007. Dr. Dale presented at our first general session and again at a workshop on dealing with parents and athletes. To say he was well received is an understatement. Our office has had numerous requests about contacting Dr. Dale to come back to Utah to speak to individual districts. His wealth of knowledge and background make it a must to bring Dr. Dale to your school or organization.
— Marc Hunter, Executive Director Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Greg Dale's sport psychology seminars are absolutely fantastic. He has presented twice to our National Wrestling Coaches Association's (NWCA) annual conventions, and both times his presentations were rated #1 by the attendees.

Mike Moyer, Executive Director National Wrestling Coaches Association

Having heard Greg Dale speak and using him as a consultant with our athletic department, it is apparent that he is a gifted teacher and motivator. Our coaches have indicated that his workshops are some of the best they have ever attended. His work on characteristics of effective coaching is very important and insightful for administrators and coaches alike.
— Dr. Thomas Powell, President Mount St. Mary's University

Greg Dale is one of America's foremost sport psychologists and educators. It is without hesitation that we would recommend him to any state educators, corporate or service organization as the keynote speaker because the content of his message is universal, highly motivational and positive. He is a winner both as a keynote speaker and a charactered professional.

Tom Danley, Executive Board California High School Athletic Directors Association

The work Greg has done with our team, players and staff has been invaluable. From teambuilding to mental training for both individuals and the collective team; to leadership development and the overall support network he has provided for the program ... his experience and insight have been extremely beneficial for everyone and has enhanced our overall performance and development.

— Kerstin Kimel, Head Coach Duke University Women's Lacrosse

Greg Dale has emerged as one of the preeminent coaching educators in the country. His knowledge and expertise are well documented in his book, 'The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches.' His documented research on the professional and college level of coaching istestimony to his ability to provide the necessary leadership skills for successful coaching on all levels of play.

Bob Buckanavage, Executive Director Pennsylvania High School Athletic Directors Association

I was at a point where I was so discouraged with soccer that I didn’t even want to show up to practice. With Dr. Dale’s help, my motivation, mental strength, nutrition and game preparation improved to levels I never knew were possible. Without his guidance I don’t think I would be playing professional soccer right now.

— Jordan Cila, Professional Soccer Player Colorado Rapids

If you are responsible in any way for the education and supervision of coaches and parents of athletes then rejoice because Dr. Greg Dale can not only improve the quality of your life, but more importantly he can offer a much more positive experience for your student-athletes, their parents and the coaches who guide them. We have hosted Greg on multiple occasions for athletic parent meetings and coaches inservicing and we will continue to bring him back based on the positive responses and tangible results we have received from our investment. Greg has the unique ability to make people evaluate themselves without offending them. I can't tell you how many parents have said to me, "I wish I would have known this sooner" and coaches, both veterans and rookies who analyze their credibility based on Greg's message and then make improvements which benefit kids. We have a highly evolved clientele and athletic program and without a doubt Dr. Dale's work has made a tremendously positive impact on our culture. His book is now the foundation for our coaching philosophy and is provided to every staff member by our athletic boosters. Greg epitomizes credibility and his message and delivery hit the target dead center!

Mark Thomas, Principal Northview High School, Grand Rapids, MI

Greg Dale is an exceptional speaker with an important message. He is the finest motivational speaker I have heard in years. His workshops are a must for all high school coaches and administrators.
— Jerry McGhee, Chairman National High School Executive Directors Council

Greg Dale is great at what he does because he's able to relate well with athletes because he was once in the same situation. He takes the negative images and thoughts that athletes develop and quickly reverses them to positive thought by simply making a few suggestions (that makes sense to the athlete) and giving usable advice. He is truly a person that is passionatein every aspect of his work. The minute one steps into his office, one can just feel the flow of passion...and that alone is what makes him good!

Alana Beard, Professional Basketball Player
Washington Mystics

This course had been held five times before with great success, and it required Greg to develop a great deal of new material on transformational organizational change as well as become involved with 18 “overachieving” airport managers from 10 different nations. His results in this course were off the charts for excellence. Every class member indicated that Greg’s sessions had been the most valuable they experienced during the week (there are 5 other professors involved). One from Lima, Peru said it best during our course evaluation: “You can change any segment of the course if you must, but you’ve GOT TO keep Dr. Dale!
— Paul Behnke, Director, Professional Management Accreditation Airports Council International

We are an international construction management company and Greg has been terrific in his work with us! Whether he is facilitating a team activity, coaching a top executive, or teaching a large group of individuals, his ability to work with every one of our employees is beyond impressive. That ability allows Greg, along with his sports background, an opportunity to immediately build rapport with our employees which in turn leads to a very productive learning and development session. Greg has been a fantastic resource for us in our quest to develop thebest and brightest in our field.

John Benson, Director - HR, Management Development

For a recent retreat, I was looking for a facilitator who could improve my management team’s communication and teamwork, but I also wanted the group to have fun at that same time. Dr. Greg Dale exceeded all of my expectations. Greg’s ability to provide insight into the communication style of each individual as well as his group activities left us laughing while also fostering better teamwork. I would recommend Greg to any organization looking to build and/or strengthen the relationships in its management team.
— Patrick Nolan, President Warren Memorial Hospital

I found the workshop conducted by Greg Dale extremely useful. The tool he uses provides much more practical and sophisticated information than Myers-Briggs. By allowing us to discover what is the part of one's core personality, and how unproductive forcing anybody to act against her/his core personality would be, the methodology makes a big leap towards understanding what makes a staff work well together. The conclusions are often counterintuitive: maximize your strengths, don't sacrifice yourself for the company, don't believe that your core personality can change, but.....all those assertions are so well backed up during the session that I returned renewed and converted. I highly recommend Greg and his program.

Michal Rutkowski, Director Human Development Department of the Middle East and North Africa Region
The World Bank

Greg Dale has been involved with Pfizer to facilitate Team Building on a $200 million dollar Biotechnology Project located in Strängnäs Sweden. We found Greg to be of great assistance to us in breaking down barriers and perceived differences between team members who were meant to be working as one team but were not. I would have no hesitation in recommending Greg to other Pfizer Project Teams or any other organization to carry out similar team building exercises and for personnel coaching.
— Liam O’Brien, Senior Project Manager Pfizer Global Engineering

There was resounding agreement among staff members that the day devoted to the retreat, along with the time spent in taking the online survey was time well spent. Most of us feel we did learn something about ourselves through the report and all of us felt we learned about those we work with. More important, we found the learning process enjoyable and inspiring. I think the lasting "take-away" message for me as a manager (and as a parent too, for that matter!) is to focus on developing those skills that are our strengths with an openness to how the team may reap benefits in the future. I would highly recommend this process to any group or team.

Lori Boodee, Staff Director, Department of Economics
Duke University

Greg Dale has a good insight about the psychological aspects of sports. No matter which sport it is - whether more physical like basketball, or more mental like golf - he understands the psychology behind the game and can help you reach your potential.
— Virada Nirapathpongporn, Former NCAA/U.S. Amateur Champion And Current Professional Golfer

Greg's presentation to the Heads of Schools at The Independent Schools Association Conference was very well received by the 90+ heads in attendance. The group represented schools of all sizes and types and Greg's information was relevant and helpful to all. He has an insightful understanding of the complex relationships among students, parents, schools, and coaches and offers practical, research based approaches to dealing with the increasingly stressful area in all of our lives. His presentation was thoughtful, informative, and appropriately light hearted.

Rick Belding, Executive Director
Independent Schools Association of the Central States

Greg Dale has a great working knowledge of the relationship between coaches, student-athletes, and athletic performance. He understands the balance between the three, and articulates well the strategies for improving performance based on that understanding.
— Peter Fields, Director of Athletics Montana State University

We are only a few days away from opening our doors to students for the 2007-08 school year. It is an exciting time for everyone in education. Before things get too fast paced around here, I want to take a moment to say thank you for joining the Spring-Ford Leadership Team on August 13th. The design of your presentation was powerful. It allowed our group to open up and enjoy learning together. The materials you selected were very valuable to me on a personal level and as an administrator. I have already used some of the thinking with my staff at our opening building meeting this past week.

Dr. Melissa D. Patschke, Elementary Principal
Spring-Ford School District

Greg did an exceptional job with our business audience- a mixture of small and large businesses alike. His presentation was timely, engaging and motivational for all of us. He had the highest scores of any speakers for this event that we have ever had with overall score of 4.8 on a 5.0 scale. Greg is an outstanding speaker. He tailored his presentation to our needs, delivered it with warmth and style, and I can highly recommend him to any business audience.
— Dena K. Kent, PT, MHA, Executive Director Valley Health

Dr. Greg Dale did a terrific job for our Leadership Team Retreat. Everyone on the team felt that his presentation was right on target and provided us with some insights about effective teams that perhaps we were lacking. I know that I have a better appreciation of the different roles each of us is comfortable and most effective in playing. He really helped us grow and for that I am truly grateful. The team has requested that he return next year to work with us; in my opinion that is the greatest compliment that anyone could be given.

Dr. Marsha Hurda, Superintendent
Spring-Ford School District

Great strategies on how to reach all kids and make positive connections.
— EASD secondary teacher and coach

Just wanted, belatedly, to thank you for your speech to the Brearley parents on Tuesday night.   

Your talk really helped put perspective on the things we do as parents.  We all want the best for 

our children but we (or at least me!) often fail to realize the consequences of the things we do 

in support of our children.  Among other things, being aware of what we may be doing and 

saying and how those actions and words could be interpreted was a really useful takeaway

from your talk.

Patrick Cheng

Father of a Student Athlete at The Brearley School, New York, NY

“I’m changing my mindset to “want to” and helping my students do the same. I now refer to my classroom as “our” classroom!”
— EASD classroom teacher

I have used Dr. Dale the last 2 years to run a coach's clinic, student assembly, and parent

training and he is unbelievable.  After his visit with my entire student body, I had kids for weeks 

coming out and saying he was the best speaker they had ever had.  I plan to use him to open 

my meetings every year moving forward.

Sam McCrary

Director of Athletics, Saint Mary’s Hall School, San Antonio, TX

“This [workshop] generated self-awareness and encouragement to perform at a high standard
in reaching students.”
— EASD classroom teacher

We invited Dr. Dale to our campus this year and asked him to present two separate presentations. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of both and I am planning on having Dr. Dale come back to Saint Andrew's next year. The first presentation was to our coaching staff and in a room of more than forty diverse mentors with extreme varying levels of experience.  There was a unified sense of awareness of purpose that every one of my coaches benefitted from.  Dr. Dale was able to have our staff members really think outside the box and even outside their own comfort zones on the way to elevating their collective coaching experiences.  My only regret is that I did not schedule more time for continued interaction. Later that evening, Dr. Dale brought an extremely entertaining and yet immensely instructive program to the parents of our high school aged athletes.  In many cases, these folks found themselves in the examples presented, but there was never a condescending or negative tone to the lessons shared.  In fact, we have created a platform for more appropriate parent communication as a result of that evening.  I will not hesitate to include the parents of our younger student-athletes when Dr. Dale returns to Saint Andrew's School.

Craig Ashley, Athletic Director, Saint Andrew's School

This session made me really think about the things that I thought I truly believed. The exercise
with agreeing and disagreeing really was very helpful.
— EASD teacher/parent

Greg Dale speaking at our annual coaches in-service was so motivating and made our coaches realize how important they are to our athletes.  The coaches were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Greg. The presentation allowed our coaches to reflect and think about their coaching styles and the legacy they want to leave behind. I especially liked the interaction and dialogue Greg had with our coaches. They felt valued and the discussions were very impactful. The feedback I received made me feel as if the day was exactly what we had hoped for. Greg Dale’s presentation was a grand slam.

Gil Garza, Director of Athletics, Department of Athletics, Dallas Independent School District

I have had two opportunities to interact with Dr. Greg Dale this year, both very positive. In the first case, Greg analyzed my results from a personality profile he uses with teams and individuals. I have taken a number of leadership and personality tests over my career, but this one was different. Greg was able to uncover a major source of stress in my career which I was managing to ignore completely, or at least sublimate. I was so impressed with the insight he brought to my personal career situation that I asked him to be an instructor on a leadership course I run for airport managers around the world.

Want to learn more about how Dr. Greg Dale can help your team, school, company, or organization? Let us know!